Quick and Effective Medical Spanish For Beginners

Course Duration: 4h 30m

According to our experience and research, healthcare providers don’t have time to study Spanish deeply. They need Spanish to perform specific duties at their workplace. That is why this course offers the necessary content to cover the most important activities medical workers are required to do.

In this course, you will find strategies for active listening, getting the clues to understand native speakers speaking at a normal speed rate. Internalize useful medical vocabulary, improving your fluency and accuracy for real-life medical settings. You will learn the most relevant grammar structures so that you can understand the language’s logic to convey meaning easily. You will have the opportunity to do practical exercises with real feedback and useful materials so that you can put into practice what you have learned right away.

You will find classes with audio, video, and native speakers role-playing patients, so you can engage with basic dialogues with your patients.

Course Curriculum

Saludos y despedidas – Greetings and farewells

  • Saludos y despedidas – Greetings and farewells
  • Quiz: Saludos y despedidas – Greetings and Farewells

¿Cómo saludo? – How do I say hello?

Overcome. Let’s go for more!

Presentaciones – Introductions

¿Cómo me presento? – How do I introduce myself?

¿Qué le pregunto a mi paciente? – What do I ask my patient?

¿Cómo se llama? – What is your name?

¿Cuántos años tiene? – How old are you?

¿Cuántos años tiene mi paciente? – How old is my patient?

¿De dónde es? – Where are you from?

Tips gramaticales: ¿Tú o usted? – Grammar tips: Tú or usted?

Tips gramaticales: conjugaciones en presente simple- Grammar tips: present tense

¿Dónde le duele? – Where does it hurt?

¿Es intermitente o constante? – Is it intermittent or constant?

Situación de la vida real – Mi primera cita médica

How long have you had this pain?

Situación real – Partes del cuerpo

¿Cómo puedo comprender mejor a mi paciente?

Estudio del paciente y seguimiento – Patient study and follow-up

Práctica en la vida real – Practice in real life

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Medical Spanish

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