The Espanovo school has been of incredible value to me and my family. They have mastered the art of teaching across distance — the Skype lessons couldn’t be easier and more convenient. The instructors’ mastery of language, including cultural differences, is vast and evident from the get-go. The teaching style is easy-going and always informative — even my young daughter is learning Spanish now. Since beginning lessons with Espanovo School, my confidence using Spanish (both personally and professionally) has increased dramatically. I am so pleased that I found Espanovo School and would recommend them to any level of learner.

Miriam Durham Stern. Senior Finance and Operations Professional
I have been studying Spanish with Espanovo School for about 18 months now and I cannot recommend them highly enough. What really set Espanovo apart is their deep knowledge of linguistics. They rely on their deep knowledge of English, Spanish, French, and all the connections between them to explain why certain things are a certain way in Spanish. For example, I have had many teachers try to explain the subjunctive to me, but their ability to tell me not just the rule, but the cultural and linguistic rationales for the rule has helped me learn more quickly. I also find that their lessons are consistently keyed into what I want to learn about. We don’t waste time, I’m not bored, and yet their teachers always are pushing me. In short, Espanovo School has consummate language tutors who really care about their students. I find that they´re really improving my language fluency. 
Kimberly Sayers-Fay. Federal Prosecutor and Rule of Law Program Manager with Expertise in Combatting Human Trafficking. US Government.