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Why taking lessons with us?

Save money learning Spanish with native teachers

Save Money

You will not wait for your classmates to understand topics that you have already understood, as you’ll have lessons for your own needs You won’t waste time for transportation. You can study from the comfort of your own home or work, at the time you prefer

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Save Time

You will not spend money on registration fees or textbooks Our pedagogical model is Flipped Classroom, which prioritizes oral production in the session with the instructor. This guarantees the effectiveness of face-to-face time and allows a continuous development that is reflected in the speed of learning

You will have support for your Spanish needs

Whether you work in a Spanish-speaking environment or you’re committed to your learning process, you can ask your teacher for help via chat (E.g. WhatsApp). He or she will answer ASAP to respond to your immediate needs. This will not only contribute to your work/study commitments but also will improve your learning process, as it will be more experiential and efficient

You’ll have a native private Spanish instructor who will guide you throughout your learning process

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Who we work with

Our instructors specialize in teaching Spanish as a foreign language at a master’s level. They also have extensive experience in language teaching for specific purposes with officials and executives from:

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