Spanish lessons for diplomats

Learn Spanish through one-to-one lessons!

You will have an expert in teaching and intercultural communication, who is also knowledgeable about the political and social environment of the country.

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Improve your Spanish at a linguistic, cultural, and professional level

Participate in meetings and negotiations effectively, because you will learn how to tackle sensitive political issues

Understand cultural and social fenomena, by being able to approach native speakers, broadcasts and print media

Socialize informally, to strengthen relationships with contacts and strategic people

Make formal presentations with accuracy to enhance the image and promotion of your country

Communicate easily using chat tools so that your stay and management of daily life becomes easier

Key components of our methodology

Linguistic and cultural knowledge

Specific linguistic and cultural knowledge to communicate in a professional way.

Strategies for active listening

Strategies for active listening getting the clues to understand all varieties of Spanish.

Speaking practice and negotiation of meaning

Speaking practice and negotiation of meaning so you can communicate effectively.

Pronunciation practice

Pronunciation practice and strategies so that your interlocutor can really understand what you say.

Grammar Structures

Important grammar structures so that you can understand the language’s logic and improve accuracy.

Strategies for lifelong learning

Pragmatic strategies so you can communicate properly taking into account language and culture.

Learn at your own pace

Dive deeper into the subject

Save Money

Save Time

Spanish exams preparations


FSI Spanish exam preparation:

FSI testing context

Speaking Test:

  • Social conversation
  • Work-related statement and exchange
  • Interview

Reading Test:

  • Reading for gist
  • Reading in depth



DELE exam preparation

Tips and strategies for:

  • Task 1: Reading comprehension
  • Task 2: Auditive comprehension
  • Task 3: Written expression and interaction.
  • Task 4: Oral expression and interaction.


SIELE exam preparation

Tips and strategies for:

  • Reading comprehension test
  • Listening comprehension test
  • Written expression and interaction test
  • Oral expression and interaction test

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Espanovo is an Online Language School leader in Spanish instruction.

Our framework of action is under the modality of Informal Education established by the Ministry of Education in Colombia. 

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