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Spanish Courses for Doctors

Useful medical vocabulary

Improve your fluency and accuracy for real life medical settings through useful vocabulary.

Grammar structures

Learn the most relevant grammar structures so that you can understand the language's logic to convey meaning easily.

Pronunciation practice

Pronunciation practice and strategies so that your patients can really understand what you say.

Practical strategies for the most relevant communicative situations for you

You'll have tailored-made exercises and material so that can put into practice what you learn right away.

Strategies for active listening

Strategies for active listening getting the clues to understand all varieties of Spanish.

Professional linguistic and cultural knowledge

Specific linguistic and cultural knowledge to communicate with your patients in a professional way.

Speaking practice and negotiation of meaning

Facing real communication implies solving misunderstandings and help each other to reach a clear and mutual understanding. This is one of the most important skills professional communication requieres.

Strategies for lifelong learning

Pragmatic strategies so you can communicate properly taking into account language and culture.

Learn at your own pace

Dive deeper into the subject

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Why learn Spanish?

By 2060, the US could have more Spanish speakers than any other country. Healthcare professionals will need to cope with this demand, why don’t you start learning Spanish now?

Spanish has more than 483 million native speakers, and official status in 21 countries in South, Central, and North America, as well as Africa and Europe

Today Spanish is the second-most widely spoken mother tongue in the world (after Mandarin Chinese).

Learning Spanish could help you improve your personal and corporate relations with Spanish speakers by understanding their culture.

You can reduce the psychological distance by speaking your customer’s language, avoiding the third party for translation, and obtaining a personal approach that will be reflected right away in achieving your goals.

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Espanovo is an Online Language School leader in Spanish instruction.

Our framework of action is under the modality of Informal Education established by the Ministry of Education in Colombia. 

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