Spanish for kids and teens

Why learn Spanish?

By 2060, the US could have more Spanish speakers than any other country. Today Spanish is the second-most widely spoken mother tongue in the world (after Mandarin Chinese). It has more than 483 million native speakers, and official status in 21 countries in South, Central, and North America, as well as Africa and Europe.

*Based on: El español, una lengua viva. Informe 2020 (Spanish, a living language. Report 2020). Instituto Cervantes



Your kids will interact in Spanish during the whole session with an expert in teaching and linguistics who is also a native speaker. So, they will learn how to communicate in real life.


Because listening is a hard skill to develop, they’ll have the guidance of their teacher to get to understand even the most difficult accents.


We’ll explain to them the toughest structures and they will be able to practice with their instructor. At home, they’ll keep practicing with exercises provided by their teacher to advance even more.

The Espanovo school has been of incredible value to me and my family. They have mastered the art of teaching across distance — the Skype lessons couldn’t be easier and more convenient. The instructors’ mastery of language, including cultural differences, is vast and evident from the get-go. The teaching style is easy-going and always informative — even my young daughter is learning Spanish now. Since beginning lessons with Espanovo School, my confidence using Spanish (both personally and professionally) has increased dramatically. I am so pleased that I found Espanovo School and would recommend them to any level of learner.

Miriam Durham Stern