Spanish for specific purposes

We specialize in teaching Spanish for specific purposes. Whether your work field is healthcare, tourism, business, diplomacy, etc, we will provide linguistic and sociocultural support.



Spanish for the world

It’s the second-most widely spoken language in the world (after Mandarin Chinese), with 470 million native speakers, and official status in 21 countries in South, Central and North America, as well as Africa and Europe.

You might have some difficulty with some accents or words, you’ll be able to communicate in any place because the different varieties of Spanish are basically mutually intelligible.

Learning Spanish could help you improve your personal and corporate relations with Spanish speakers by understanding their culture.

Are you looking for a competitive strategy for your company?

Expand your business 

The real scope for growth can be seen in the emerging countries of Latin America. With a combined population of over 221 million people, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico have all been identified by the Confederation of British Industry as upcoming economies. Mexico, for example, is one of the most open trading nations in the world. Furthermore, there are 30 to 40 million native Spanish speakers in the US.

Have better negotiations in Spanish

You can reduce psychological distance by speaking your customer’s language, avoid a third party for translation and obtain a personal approach that will be reflected right away in your profit.

*Based on British Council  reports