Our Methodology

Our Methodology



You’ll interact in Spanish during the whole session with an expert in teaching and linguistics who is also a native speaker. So, you will learn how to communicate in real life.


Because listening is a hard skill to develop, you’ll have the guidance of your teacher to get to understand even the most difficult speeches.


We’ll explain to you the toughest structures in Spanish and you will be able to practice them with your instructor. At home, you’ll keep practicing with exercises provided by your teacher to advance even more.


Skills you’ll develop out of class with our help


your instructor will provide you with full of strategies and material to improve your writing. At home, you will be able to develop writing tasks and your teacher will correct you and give advice.


with the material we provide, you could deepen your reading comprehension and expand your vocabulary to put it into practice in live sessions.


Dive deeper into Spanish

Dive deeper into the subject

We emphasize teaching foreign languages ​​for specific purposes, so you will learn the language fluently to achieve your goals, both personally and professionally.

Learn at your own pace

From your very first lesson, you will be able to advance at your own pace and live the experience of communicating effectively in the target language from the first lesson.

We also prepare for exams FSI DLPT DLI DELE


We also prepare for exams such as

Spanish exams: FSI, SIELE and DELE